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How it works

How it works

Choose the winery

Natural, biodynamic or organic. Choose whether to adopt your vines or participate in a single experience in the cellar.

Adopt your own vines

Support the work of the artisan winemaker and follow the growth stages of your vines in every season.

Receive the winemaker's box

Directly to your home, a selection of bottles created for you by the winemaker to introduce you to his wine philosophy.

Visit your vineyard

Take part in the many experiences in the cellar and in the vineyard throughout the year. IWE, don't stop to visit PERTECIPA!

Choose the winery

Why choose us

We respect nature

We select and support small artisan wineries that produce wine following nature and that preserve biodiversity while respecting the territory.

A journey together

We involve you in exciting initiatives. Access the personal area to be always updated on your experiences and on the growth phases of your vineyard.

Exclusive experiences

Places are limited to guarantee always authentic and engaging experiences. By adopting your vines you are the first to be able to reserve your place for the next experience!

Regions to discover

At the suggestion of the winemaker, we advise you where to sleep, where to eat and what to do during your stay. The target? live a true local experience.

Recommended experiences

Romantic sunset tasting

An intimate tasting, for incurable romantics who want to taste our wines in complete relaxation, among the rows of grapes, lying on a blanket and w ...
From €20.00

Desperate Winemakers

A day as a true farmer or better as a winemaker.From the harvest, to the pressing of old-fashioned barefoot grapes, to the well-deserved lun ...
From €100.00

ONE TWO THREE ... experience in three steps!

1.The LAND (The Vineyard)Four steps among the rows ... what is Cabernet Franc and what is Sangiovese ?? and the Merlot?There are also ...
From €28.00

Make your own wine!

What if you could be a winemaker for a day and bring home the wine you made?Let's start with an interesting visi ...
From €35.00

Excursion in the woods and tasting of Lumassina in the terraced vineyard

Come and visit us in the vineyard! We will visit the vineyard in the woods and taste the wine where it is born, on our terraces. ...
From €20.00


A beautiful regenerating day surrounded by wild landscapes and rolling hills of Monferrato to discover heroic viticulture.After a ...
From €25.00

Cicero - Historia Magistra Vitae

A journey through the millennial history of Sessa Aurunca, with a guided visit to the Roman and medieval monuments of the city.An unpreceden ...
From €25.00

Visit of the vineyards and cellar with tasting of wines and typical local products

Visit to the vineyards and the cellar, to discover organic and biodynamic cultivation and vinification methods, the vinification and aging in ampho ...
From €40.00

A taste of Tuscany

Not only tasting our wines but a small taste of Tuscany in its complexity or in any case the one that best represents it for us.A "special" ...
From €35.00