The volcanic territory of the Vicenza area



The company was founded in 2010 on the initiative of Andrea Pendin and has always dedicated itself to the enhancement of the volcanic territory of the Vicenza area, through the production and constant search for expressive and vibrant wines, in the name of drinking and enjoyment.

In total there are 8 wines that, together with other quality agricultural products, tell every facet of our Vicenza area.

 The agricultural process would not make sense without a strong gastronomic connotation. Hence the need for a further real brand: Armonia Gourmet that accompanies our passion for combinations.

Tenuta l'Armonia

We resort to various agronomic practices that are respectful and aware of the cycles and natural needs of the plant and the soil, all without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture have always been the basis of our agricultural attention, with an eye to modern practices capable of supporting and enhancing them.


The expressiveness and tension of the wine in the glass is the result of careful agricultural work. It supports the needs of the various terroirs in achieving the desired objectives. Our company has always had a preference for native varieties.


The company has always pushed strongly on research, experimentation and collaboration, both in the way of making wine and in the way of understanding agriculture. For this reason we believe in the creation of collateral projects that narrate our desire to always go further.

  • Particles

Particelle was born with the aim of promoting the activity of young and small winemakers in the area, with the creation of a support and consultancy network on their production.

The possibility was therefore created to give them the opportunity to express themselves through the shared use of the cellar, giving rise to a laboratory of ideas and exchange on what the future of Vicenza wine will be

  • LAB

LAB is a frame designed to be able to deal with other Italian and European wineries for mutual help, the exchange of ideas and, above all, grapes, for the creation of a new concept of personal wine and interpretation of the territory .

Not just wine!

Agricultural attention to the territory is also transmitted through the production of other quality products, an expression of taste, tradition and sustainability.

  • Flours: research into the production of mixes of modern and ancient varieties for the production of unique leavened products.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the by now historic presence on the territory of the olive tree, makes the Vicentina cultivar a great resource for the production of delicate and fragrant Extra Virgin. Also in this case, the attention to the agricultural process and the processing of the fruit, generate a product in which the company identifies strongly.

  • Vegetable garden: a small strictly seasonal and sustainable production of vegetables that enhance the potential of the unique flavor given by the territory and the search for traditional varieties such as "broccoli fiolaro".

Information and services:

Address: Contrà Scaranto 21a, Bernuffi, Montecchio Maggiore VI, 36075

Opening hours: By reservation only - Thursday and Friday 18.30 / 23.00 - Saturday and Sunday 11.30 / 15.00 and 18.30 / 23.00

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Veneto

Disabled access: no

Credit card payments: yes

Pets allowed: no

Car / bus parking: yes

Wifi: yes

Direct wine sales: yes

Available rooms / accommodation: no

Catering service: yes

Bottles produced per year: 50,000


Our wines are the result of the expression of the volcanic territory that distinguishes the Vicenza area, reaching even 550m above sea level.

Spreading over different plots, the work in the countryside and in the cellar takes into account this zoning, which expresses different characters depending on the reference terrain, all with a strong volcanic matrix.

Our three production lines are born from here, each one designed to tell the potential and peculiarities of each territory in the glass.

Volcanic matrix with basalt, it produces sapid and drinkable wines, slender and well balanced fruit both in the nose and in the mouth. Here the Pop Line is born.

Volcanic matrix with trachyte and tuff, pulp wines that lend themselves to the enhancement of the skins through macerations in amphora. In particular with the autochthonous Durello, giving life to the A + line.

Volcanic matrix with limestone and tuff, sapidity, acidity and finesse of fruit that are best expressed with mono-varieties from Vecchie Vigne. The line takes its name from these plants, also in this case we have great attention to the natives.