It all begins with the figure of Antonella Manuli, an entrepreneur who grew up between Italy, Switzerland and the United States. He finishes his university studies in California, where he meets and shares the values ​​of the Organic Movement. Back in Italy, she worked in the field of auditing and finance, before arriving in the Tuscan Maremma and following the Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort for ten years.

In the meantime, falling in love with the territory and its original environmental, historical and landscape features, she searches for the land that today makes up the biodynamic farm La Maliosa which produces natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey.

The other protagonist of La Maliosa is the agronomist and researcher, Lorenzo Corino, author of technical-scientific publications in the wine sector. Always attentive to agricultural production in harmony with the rural world, it implements eco-sustainable management that enhances the "earthly capital" and the good use of renewable energy resources. Since January 2013 he has been in charge of the wine project of the La Maliosa Farm, after a career that ended as an executive at the CRA, Research Center for Enology in Asti. The years spent in La Maliosa allow him to continue and expand his research in the wine sector in the field.

The result of the joint work of Lorenzo Corino and Antonella Manuli leads to the codification of a set of agronomic practices for the production of “natural” grapes and wine: the CORINO METHOD. In 2016 "Vigne, Vino, Vita" was released in which Lorenzo Corino expresses his thoughts deeply linked to environmental and ethical values ​​in agriculture.

Fattoria La Maliosa is a farm that extends over about 160 hectares in the hilly Maremma. Vineyards, olive groves, arable land and woods for an artisanal production of natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey. The company has been certified organic since 2010 as evidence of a constant commitment over time, and since 2015 it has obtained Vegan certification for ever greater transparency towards the customer who chooses with awareness.

La Maliosa is a project based on the choice of quality, beauty and environmental health while respecting the territory and its originality.

The Corino Method (patent pending and registered trademark of Lorenzo Corino and Antonella Manuli) creates a set of innovative agronomic processes for the production of table grapes and wine. The method focuses on the vitality of the soils, on the healthiness of the environment, of producers and consumers.

All these activities contribute to the growth of the sector with values ​​that are not limited to the production of grapes and wine, but also include culture, lifestyles, protection of the landscape, longevity of the vineyards, patrimonial value of the territories, as well as a margin of useful for manufacturers.

The Corino Method makes targeted and innovative choices regarding the environmental conditions, the vines and the optimal cultivation techniques for vineyards with a high conservation value of the places and landscapes.

The grapes must come from the professional and sustainable management of the vineyard and must aim at values ​​of qualitative excellence and nutritional goodness; cultivation is sustainable, if it is able to supply products with a strong identity with a certain regularity, respecting the territory considered to the maximum.

This sustainability assessment is measured by at least two factors: the biological quality of the soil (QBS) and the Carbon Footprint (LCA-assessment) of the company and products. Furthermore, the cultivation cycle based on locally produced plant materials is the fundamental choice.

In the passage from grape to wine, fermentation must take place naturally with indigenous yeasts and bacteria. The subsequent processing of the wine in the cellar must be carried out with human skill in the racking and breeding of the wine. Any additive and any invasive technology made with any chemical or physical intervention, designed to modify the origin and natural evolution of the wine which finds its exclusive origin in the grape, is excluded.

GRAPES represent the only component that will give rise to the future wine. MAN is the craftsman and the maker of the vineyard and wine as a healthy and original product.

Wine tourism and oil tourism are the two business sectors that are expanding and constantly growing, despite the period. This year the company has invested heavily in staff training and has hired new qualified personnel, in order to guarantee professionalism and availability every day to carry out visits to the cellar, tastings of Natural Wines and Organic EVO Oil, trekking with tasting, walks in horse and picnic at sunset in the vineyard.


  • Address: S.R. Maremmana 74, 55.000 - 58017 Pitigliano (GR) Italy

  • Opening hours: Every day from 10.00 to 17.00 reservation only

  • Languages spoken: Italian / English

  • Disabled access: yes

  • Credit card payments: yes

  • Pets allowed: yes

  • Car / bus parking: yes

  • Wifi: yes

  • Direct wine sales: yes

  • Rooms / accommodation available: no

  • Catering service: no

  • Bottles produced per year: 20,000 / 25,000


The hilly Maremma of Grosseto is the most uncontaminated and wild area of ​​Tuscany. It enjoys proximity to the coast with a mild and Mediterranean climate, unlike the more continental climate of other hilly areas of the region.

An infinity of historic villages to visit such as: Manciano, Montemerano, Saturnia, Pitigliano, Sovana with its Etruscan tombs and Sorano. A short distance away are protected areas such as the Maremma Natural Park, the WWF Oasis, Monte Amiata and the Argentario coast. Fattoria La Maliosa is 3 km from Saturnia, with the renowned thermal baths and their warm and beneficial waters.

The company is located in a predominantly wooded area with limited anthropic action, both housing and agricultural for tens of kilometers. A precise choice adopted from the outset to fully respect the landscape and the natural environment by increasing the healthiness and quality of the products. The agricultural crop objective is mainly aimed at the soil: enhancement of the organic substance, improvement of its structure and conservation of regular water availability.

Agricultural management, based on a completely vegetable cycle biodynamic agriculture (CORINO METHOD, patent pending), limits mechanical interventions and uses plant cover produced on the farm.

In 2013, the collaboration between La Maliosa and CREA-ABP, the Research Center for Agrobiology and Pedology of Florence, began for the study of the QBS (Biological Quality of the Soil) on company land.

Since 2014 INDACO2, a spin-off of the University of Siena that carries out research and development activities in the field of environmental assessment and monitoring, has carried out a study that measures the sustainability and carbon footprint of the La Maliosa Farm. The result, well described in the infographics of this section, demonstrates that the ecosystem of the La Maliosa Farm absorbs 100 times more carbon dioxide than is emitted by all its production processes; what most positively affects this result are the woodland extension and the presence of photovoltaic systems.

The La Maliosa Farm, to date, is the first and still the only biodynamic farm in Italy to have measured its ecological footprint.

Our wines are the reproduction of the territory in the bottle, they are the faithful representation of what that particular year the soil, the vine and the weather conditions wanted to offer to man to make wine.


La Maliosa Natural Apartment

Address: Str. Dei Poderi, 58014 Poderi GR

Tel: +39 327 1860416


Distance from the winery: 3 Km

Saturnia Tuscany Hotel Resort

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