Tasting of wines and local products




General information

A beautiful regenerating day surrounded by wild landscapes and gentle hills of Monferrato to discover heroic viticulture? After a relaxing walk among the rows of a 70-year-old vineyard, olive groves and fruit trees (please wear shoes suitable for the field), immersing yourself in the fresh air of the countryside, we enter the hidden cellar in a small village, and part of an old building used in the past by Vittorio Emanuele II the king.

Different types of local organic wines are tasted directly by the barriques to better understand all the stages of wine production.

We visit the fermentation room, the barrique "cave" and the label room, to discover interesting and peculiar stories of the oenologist Tommaso and his creations (which have a well-defined and structured personality).

To combined the wines there will be a selection of local and very tasty foods (a taste of 3 different types of cheese + a type of salami) to be enjoyed in the tasting rooms on the first floor of the cellar with a wonderful view of the surrounding hilly landscape.

The cheese and salami come from local producers, who share with us the same passion for what they do and are very healthy products.

Of course there will also be bread, a local variety that is made in the city and if you like we could also visit the old shop in the city for a coffee after the visit.

A taste of our 2 different types of olive oil (with bread) produced by us with the same natural philosophy that we have for winemaking.

Pinzimonio (raw vegetables to dip in our EVO olive oil) The vegetables come from a local producer who produces organic vegetables (the type of vegetables depends on the season and availability of that day as they will be harvested that same morning)