Iuvenalis - Mens Sana in Corpore Sano




General information

A day dedicated to the recovery of the mind and body and the rediscovery of us.

This is why we thought of a YOGA lesson in the vineyard among the rows.

The practice will be conducted by a teacher according to the Anukalana method. The Anukalana method involves an integral and integrated style practice of asanas (yoga positions) in order to adapt completely to the constitution and personality of the individual. As such Anukalana Yoga is for everyone at any age!

An hour of practice to regain physical well-being and positively recharge our mind.

Afterwards, visit to the vineyards and the cellar, to discover old and new cultivation and winemaking methods such as organic and biodynamic cultivation methodologies, vinification and aging in amphora and aging in volcanic cave.

  • tasting of 2 wines and typical local and seasonal products. During the aperitif, the wines will be illustrated by the winemaker Roberto Zeno and a professional sommelier
  • Free for children
  • Minimum 2 person