ONE TWO THREE ... experience in three steps!




General information

1.The LAND (The Vineyard)

Four steps among the rows ... what is Cabernet Franc and what is Sangiovese ?? and the Merlot?

There are also new little Riesling and Carmenere cuttings waiting for future adoptive parents ... come and see them!

2.The SECRETS (The Cellar)

The cellar is a magical place where still evolving wines rest… do you want to discover them in preview? We will let you taste them directly from the barrels but shhh don't tell anyone!

3.BREAD and WINE (The Shop)

Bread and wine there is no better couple! Together with CABERNET FRANC, SANGIOVESE and MERLOT you can taste the sourdough bread of the APICE chain with excellent local extra virgin olive oil.

WINE - Tasting bottled wine after tasting the barrels will certainly be interesting: understanding the evolution of wines and their diversity is always a unique emotion! And the more experienced tasters will have fun evaluating the expression of the vines in the area and their future potential!

BREAD - The Apice chain is a project to recover ancient Tuscan wheat varieties involving local organic farms. A really nice project! Would you like to know more? We will gladly tell you and show you the various stages and the different ears of the different grains.

Do you like to end the day gently? There are no problems: the famous Tuscan Cantucci are produced with the grains of the supply chain, which we will accompany with Vinsanto or Passito.

And as a souvenir of the beautiful day, the tasting glass and a small origami!

The three-stage experience lasts about 2 hours in total

With advance notice, a gluten-free alternative to bread and cantucci is also available.


  • opening hours every day from October to April included 15.00-17.00
  • opening hours every day from May to September including 18.00-20.00
  • minimum 2 people