Winemaker for a day!




General information

Spend a whole day with the winemaker, from 9.00 in the morning to 18.00 in the evening, supporting him in all the daily activities in the cellar and in the vineyard.

Tommaso will be happy to welcome and follow you throughout the day to discover the processes to produce his personal wine.

Depending on the period we can in fact be witnesses and take part in one or more steps of the interesting wine production cycle, the hand harvest, pumping over and fulling in the cellar, batonage, topping up the barrels, bottling and innovative treatments such as the use of essential oils and algae in defense of vine diseases.

An experience that opens the doors to a particular world made of intuition, determination, original techniques and time and we are given the opportunity to experience firsthand part of the work of a winemaker.