What is IWE and how it works

IWE is the first platform dedicated to sustainable wine tourism, in small artisan cellars, to discover authentic territories.

Live authentic and unique experiences that take you behind the scenes, to learn the skill and passion necessary to make wine.

Roll up your sleeves and get involved in the key stages of winemaking, meet the winemakers in person, learn from their profession and share the knowledge and passion that make them so special in every wine they produce.

IWE partners are meticulously chosen for the excellence of their wine, their enthusiasm and passion for winemaking and the ecologically and ethically responsible production methods used.

Our vintners produce exclusively artisan wines, with low environmental impact and with as few interventions as possible in the vineyard and in the cellar, live, true and terroir wines, which reflect the authenticity of the territory, of the vintages and of nature.

Natural, biodynamic or organic wines, that's it!

The complete IWE Experience gives you the opportunity to adopt your vines in one or more of these small artisan cellars and to follow all the work of a year, through the platform or by taking part in the experiences in the cellar.

Immediately after the adoption, the Winemaker will send you a mistery box at home, called the Winemaker's Box, in which he will have selected for you mixed bottles among those produced by the cellar to let you know his wine philosophy and to thank you for your support.

At the end of this exciting journey of discovery, you can decide whether to buy the bottles produced from the cellar thanks to your contribution. You will find that wine has a completely different flavor when you make it!

Adopt your vines now and make sure you can reserve your bottles. The artisan wineries produce them in limited numbers for each label, do not miss them. Adopt now!

IWE is not only this, because you can also decide to live single experiences when and where you want, but remember that our partner cellars are small artisan cellars and the people who will welcome you in the cellar are the same ones who leave the vineyard to come and open you the doors of their world, therefore places are limited and will preferably go to the adopting vintners, those who will adopt the vineyards and support the vintner.

But don't despair, stay updated with our newsletter and you can still be among the first to know when there are new experiences in sight!

IWE! Don't stop to visit, JOIN!

For more information on the complete functioning of the platform, please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Thank you!