The Wines of the Liguria Region

The glory of Ligurian wines is due to the particular orographic characteristics of the territory, a whole of narrow valleys, steep hills and sloping mountains overlooking the sea that make it difficult to cultivate vines and any other plantation. Producing wines in Liguria therefore presupposes a great passion and a lot of sacrifice well rewarded, fortunately, by excellent quality wines. The success of Ligurian wines has remote origins as evidenced, among others, by Francesco Petrarca who expressed praise for the wines of the Cinque Terre: "the yokes so famous for the sweet vine leaves" of Monterosso and Corniglia, superior, he says, to the Colli di Falerno and Ethiopian Meroe. At the time, an area of ​​the Riviera di Ponente stood out, the Cinque Terre (particularly celebrated for its medicinal virtues was the Sciacchetrà) and the area around La Spezia.

A Ligurian peculiarity is undoubtedly represented by the richness of the vines, due to the commercial connections with foreign countries in which Genoa was the protagonist, which at the beginning of the twentieth century numbered 600. Then the peronospera and the phylloxera brought Ligurian viticulture to its knees , which has only come back into force recently.

Climate, Territory and Cultivation systems of the vine

Liguria is characterized by a Mediterranean climate that alternates between mild winters and cool summers, allowing, thanks also to the sea winds, a perfect ripening of the grapes. In the innermost part of the region there is, however, a continental climate characterized by strong temperature variations between day and night, ideal for imparting aromaticity to the grapes.

In order to the territory, along the western coast of Liguria, the vine is grown on Calcareous soils which release mineral components, while in the eastern part, whose soil is made up of clay soils, the wines acquire structure and softness.

With regard to the systems of vine growing, the most common in Liguria are the Alberello, the low Pergola and the Guyot.

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