The white grape Timorasso is grown in the Lombardy and Piedmont regions.

Timorasso is an autochthonous variety of Tortonese, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages; over the centuries it was the most cultivated grape variety in the area before the advent of phylloxera and the Second World War. Years of gradual abandonment of the countryside followed and reduction of the area planted with vines in Timorasso in favor of easier and more productive varieties.

In recent years, a group of forward-looking viticulturists has continued the rediscovery of this vine and highlighted its oenological characteristics, which allow to obtain wines of remarkable structure and freshness, qualities which prelude to an interesting propensity to aging and barrel aging, often obtaining very important results.

Grape characteristics

Leaf: medium, pentagonal or cuneiform, tri or five lobed

Cluster: medium or medium-large, pyramidal, often bi or tri-winged, medium compact or compact

Berry: medium-large, spheroidal

Peel: thick, consistent, pruinose, yellowish green in color